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Telling Your Story is an Art

I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to networking functions and listened to other professionals drone on about what they do, having no idea just how much they are NOT connecting with their audience. And the worst offenders are frequently the most economically successful person in the room.

How could this be? He/she makes so much money he/she must be great at telling his/her story. Not always true. And the more money he/she makes the less likely he/she is to be open to feedback about getting better. This is why I love working with younger professionals. They have not yet been spoiled.

Let me ask you this. What do you say when someone asks you…

  • What do you do?
  • Why should they hire you over your competition?
  • Tell me why, what you offer (i.e. your products or services) are so special?

Are you prepared with crisp, practiced responses? Or does your heart start beating out of your chest? If you are like most people, your heart starts besting out of your chest. But this can easily be changed. It just takes effort, preparation and practice.

There are three messages that you must master if you hope to compete at the highest level. They are your:

  • Features & Benefits (6-8 prepared and ready to go at all times)
  • Your Credibility Statement/15 Second Commercial
  • Uniqueness Statement

I have taught literally hundreds of professionals how to craft these critical messages and very (and I mean very) few have followed through and mastered them. My message to my audience is the same each time, “Put the effort in now, one time, and you will be done with this critical stage of the selling process forever.”

It kills me how few follow through. My wife says, “You care too much.” I cannot help it. I really do care, especially when someone is paying me to teach them what it takes to get to the next level.

The flip side of this is if everyone took my advice the competition would be so much fiercer. I guess this is why there is always plenty to go around for the rest of us who do put in the effort.

So how good are you at responding to the questions above? If you are good you relish these questions. If you are not, you are just additional noise in the crowd.

Resolve right now to put the time in this week to prepared yourself once and for all to answer the above questions better than your competition.

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