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Somebody Help President Trump…Speak Truth To Power

I do not envy those who serve the President right now. While there was certainly a groundswell of support across America demanding change and a new direction. I am afraid, however, that President Trump is squandering his opportunity by tweeting at times only what can be called foolish nonsense.

In so many ways he has the rank and file American on his side. He won in states – Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan – that no Republican has won in in decades! Instead of consolidating his support and passing the legislative agenda he ran on he creates diversions with idiotic tweets.

Somebody must stop him for his own good. The question is “Who?”

I am afraid there is no one with the power or influence to reign in the President Trump. Over the years I have watched many a Presidential staffer go along with something he/she clearly did not support. There can only be one explanation for this Stockholm type syndrome. The glow of the Office of the President is just plain irresistible.

I am afraid this could be President Trump’s undoing.

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