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Nobody Likes A Sore Loser

I have been reading with (quite frankly) disgust the whining’s of former Speaker of the House John Boehner and former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Their sour grapes are nauseating.

Boehner was an ineffective Speaker and Hillary lost a presidential race which, by all press accounts, was in the bag. This past week both took to the public stage to blame everybody else for their ineffectiveness, but themselves for their misfortunes. I can assure you that this was a turnoff to everyone except their family and closest sycophants.

If you really want to add to your personal brand equity bank account, be a gracious loser. Everybody loses at one time or another. Maybe it will happen to you in sports, business, the courtroom or God forbid, romance. Wherever you find yourself on the losing end, accept it with graciousness and dignity.

How do you lose with dignity? Easy. Congratulate the victor unconditionally, acknowledge your shortcomings and move on to fight another day.

When I think of gracious losers I think of Coach K, Payton Manning, Mike Tomlin and Steph Curry. I have seen these men lose in the national spotlight and still conduct themselves with class.

It is because of the way they conducted themselves that they are so well liked and respected.

We all need to try a little humble pie every now and again. Trust me. I know from experience, it doesn’t taste so bad. If nothing else, it will inspire you to work harder so you have to try it less and less.

Remember, you are your best bet!

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