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Life Lock Your Personal Brand

If you have lived in Los Angeles in the last decade you may have seen those banner trucks driving around town bearing the advertisement for Life Lock, the credit protection service which essentially wraps your identity information in an online protective vault. Life Lock is so confident of its service that it agrees to reimburse any customer whose identity is stolen up to $1,000,000 for any damages that customer experiences because of his/her identity being stolen.

I wonder how many of us who take steps to protect against our identities being stolen are as intentional when it comes to protecting our personal brands? There are two very critical absolutes when it comes to protecting our personal brands:

  • Everyone of us has a personal brand, and
  • Everything we do either adds to or subtracts from our personal brand credibility

It is because of this reality that that we must always be vigilant in protecting our personal brand credibility.

Although I did not realize it at the time, one of the most valuable lessons I learned in reputation management occurred while I was attending Georgetown Law School. I was having a heated political discussion with a classmate when the classmate, having become frustrated, resorted to insulting name calling. The name he called me was not important for this discussion, but my reaction was. Rather than express outrage and defend myself against such a mean-spirited insult, I let it be and after a little bit more back and forth I casually walked away.

I friend of mine who witnessed the remark was outraged that I would just let it stand. He sternly chided me. His counsel was something along the lines of, “You can never let someone insult your character like that. You must always fight back and defend your honor.” Maybe a little dramatic on his part, but his point was well taken.

We must always defend our reputations with the same intentionality that Life Lock protects its customers’ identities. Once we lose our reputations it is very hard get them back.

Our strategy needs to be twofold: (1) always look to positively enhance your personal brand credibility through your actions and words and (2) be on the lookout for things others may do or say that negatively impact your reputation.

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