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“When it comes to keynote speaking Tim O’Brien is the best in the business”

Tim’s action-packed, no-nonsense style grabs his audiences’ attention from the opening bell. He puts everything he has into every presentation as if it is his last. Each program is customized to the specific needs of the audience to whom Tim is presenting. It is as if Tim has been working for your company for years. When all is said and done, people leave informed, entertained and inspired. Your people will be smarter. They will be better!

A sample of Tim’s keynote speaking topics include:

The Explosive Power of Personal Branding

There are very few things that can catapult your business to the top overnight. Having a dynamic, compelling Personal Brand is certainly one of them. You need look no further than Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods and Oprah Winfrey. What would it mean to you if you had the Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods or Oprah Winfrey personal brand in your business?

In this insightful presentation, Tim will reveal to you and your people exactly:

  • How you pick the right personal brand
  • How you build the personal brand equity that is essential for making your personal brand magnetic and irresistible
  • How to manage your personal brand from day to day so that you intentionally build a reputation that precedes you

The Mount Everest Principle: Networking at 30,000 ft

According to Emmanuel Rosen, author of The Anatomy of Buzz, the average person can know 500-1500 people at the recognition level, 150-500 at the acquaintance level and 11-12 people intimately.

The objective of Networking at 30,000 Feet is to figure out how to find and build relationships with the right 11-12 people, each one of whom can transform your business and life. In this frank and no-nonsense presentation, Tim will teach your people:

  • How to find the stars you want to be around
  • The single most important strategy for building a network of stars who can pull you up
  • Three proven techniques for raising your visibility

The secret to being influential: Maintaining dynamic contact with strategic centers of influence

No matter how good you think you may be, the average person has to hear your message 6-8 times to remember it/you. Most people, however, rarely touch a key center of influence more than once or twice a year.

Influence is directly proportional to how good you make other critical centers of influence feel about you. This can only be accomplished over time, through hard work and intentionally reinforcing your personal brand within your targeted domain. In this presentation, Tim will show you:

  • How to whittle your contacts down to the right 20-30
  • What it takes to be memorable in a meaningful way
  • How to get others to feel strongly that you are the only smart choice when it comes to your area of expertise

“How Do You Stack Up Against History’s Best Personal Brands?”

How is it that people such as Charles Lindbergh, Mother Teresa and Abraham Lincoln have been able to leave a mark on history long after they’re gone? Why do we still talk about these and other historical figures years later? What were the qualities that empowered them to rise above everyone else? To find out the answers to these questions, Tim O’Brien has profiled a diverse array of history’s superstars, including past presidents of the United States and other world leaders, the Founding Fathers, corporate executives, scientists, adventurers and superior athletes. In this action-packed, storied keynote you will journey through history like never before, learning what it takes to leave your mark and discovering just How Do You Stack Up Against History’s Best?

Tim is The Person to See™ for keynote speeches on any aspect of the following topics:

  • Personal Branding
  • Networking at the top
  • Maintaining dynamic contact with others
  • The transformational Power of Risk
  • How to effectively present yourself to the marketplace
  • How to recreate who you are and what you stand for
  • Creating value statements and messages that attract

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The Person To See™ Is Exceptional At His/her Craft.

The Person To See™ is exceptional at his/her craft.

Oftentimes, rising stars enjoy a lot of early success.
The Person To See™ Doesn’t Need Material Possessions To Validate His/her Importance.

The Person to See™ doesn’t need material possessions to validate his/her importance.

True Importance is measured in terms of the value we bring to others.

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