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Great Personal Brands Are The Last Frontier of Differentiation

There are three reasons why personal brand excellence is not optional if we hope to compete in today’s competitive marketplace.

First, the massive shift away from a manufacturing economy to a service driven economy. Today, more than 78% percent of the United States GDP is service sector related (e.g. legal, accounting, insurance, etc.). In other words, two-thirds of us are in the business of selling something that is invisible. The challenge is, 80% of all buyers are visual. This means that they must see something to validate their buying decisions. If there is no product for them to see all that is left is our personal brand.

The second reason personal branding is so critical today is we live in a commodity world. For many of us there really is no difference between us and our competition. Think about it. Is there really any difference between Geico or Progressive Insurance? Or one national law firm from another? How about Deloitte vs. Ernst & Young? If we are honest with ourselves, the answer is “no.” So if our crafts are not enough to differentiate ourselves, what is left? You got it. Our personal brands.

Lastly, because of all the noise in the marketplace it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. The average person will receive over 3000 emails a month. There is more information in one edition of the Sunday New Your Times than a 19th century Englishman would acquire in a lifetime.

We are constantly looking for and setting up blockers to combat this noise. We have receptionists screen our calls, caller ID and spam blockers to filter out unwanted advertisers. We toss even the most expensive brochures in the round file. But there is one thing we cannot block out no matter how hard we try. Another’s personal brand.

This is why I strive as hard as I can to just get in front of my targets. I am not saying they will always buy, but I know I am my best bet!

Without a great personal brand we are just another face in the crowd.

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