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Fulfilling Your Theme. The Power of Purpose.

At the end of every year I always take time to reflect upon the prior year’s accomplishments as well as plan for the new year. Part of my planning process includes coming up with my theme for the new year.

This year my theme is relationships. I am committed to building more, stronger and better relationships with people who can really pull me up; in business and my personal life.

My motivation is simple. My growth has always been directly tied to the quality of my relationships. Because of what I learned from my friends I have done things and gone places I never thought I would have growing up in my hometown of Mendham, New Jersey.

By no means am I suggesting that I had it tough growing up. I didn’t. My childhood was great. The danger was that it was so good I was tempted to spend the rest of my life in the town in which I grew up. I am glad I didn’t. I would have missed so much.

I moved to California when I was 31. Not knowing a soul, I had no choice, but to make new friends. I can honestly say that nearly every good thing that has happened in my life has been because of someone in my network showing or teaching me or inviting me to come along.

I want more of this richness, so I am on a mission to build more new and inspiring friendships. This does not mean I am moving on from the friendships I have. Rather, I am going deeper with current relationships and adding new jewels to my jewelry box.

There are five simple strategies I am following that you may find helpful too.

My first strategy is to get my assistant involved. Without Lena prompting me every day, “Here’s who is up in the rotation,” I have no doubt that the day-to-day responsibilities of business and life will get in the way of my follow through.

You may be asking, “How does she know who is ‘up in the rotation’?” The answer is, at the beginning of the year I prioritized the top relationships with whom I wanted to go deeper. We then put these people in my contact management system (aka The Black Box) and set them up in a 30-day rotation.

Second, I drive the relationship. This is not an issue of control. Instead, it is a matter of efficiency. I know most of the people in my Box System are very busy and may not be the best at staying in touch. I have no problem with this. If this is something I am good at and it works out for both parties I am happy to take the lead.

Third, I strive to add value. This means I have a reason for getting together that is of interest to the person with whom I am connecting. It is not always business. Sometimes I am seeking advice or just interested in checking in.

Fourth, I ask a lot of questions. I am by nature very curious, so this is easy for me. I like people and I like to learn about their lives. My wife often chides me to, “Mind your own business.”

Fifth, I follow up. If I say I am going to do something I try very hard to do it. I am human. I make mistakes. Sometimes I forget. If I blow it, I own it and apologize.

Hopefully, all of this will add up to the best year ever!

So, what is your theme for the year?

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