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Your Team Brand Is Only As Good As The Individual Brands On Your Team

Your Team Brand Is Only as Good as The Individual Brands on Your Team

An organization’s brand is brought to life through the personal brands of the individual team members.

A brand is all about emotion. The inanimate objects – office space, website, marketing collateral - which form the basis of the organization’s brand radiate absolutely zero emotion. It is the individual brands of the team members which bring the organization’s brand to life – or kill it.
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Fulfilling Your Theme. The Power Of Purpose.

Fulfilling Your Theme. The Power of Purpose.

At the end of every year I always take time to reflect upon the prior year’s accomplishments as well as plan for the new year. Part of my planning process includes coming up with my theme for the new year.

This year my theme is relationships. I am committed to building more, stronger and better relationships with people who can really pull me up; in business and my personal life.
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All Success Includes Failure, So Just Get Started

All Success Includes Failure, So Just Get Started

How many of us put off what we know we should do because of that invisible mental blocker, fear of failure? I know I have. A lot more than I care to remember. As I am writing this, Magic Johnson comes to mind. It was 1984 and Magic was in his third consecutive NBA Finals, his first against Larry Bird. What should have been a final that brought out his best, resulted in Magic earning the nickname “Tragic.”
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