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The Key to Building a Super Network – Intentionality

I remember New Year’s Eve 1999 so well. And it wasn’t because of the computer apocalypse we were all so sure was about to bring the US economy and the rest of the world to their knees. I remember it for a completely different reason.

I was attending a New Year’s Eve celebration at the Jonathan Club in downtown Los Angeles. The witching hour was approaching, and I was becoming filled with dread. While everyone was gearing up to exchange celebratory hugs and kisses I sought refuge in the bathroom.  Unlike most of the revelers, I had few friends and was so fearful that I would find myself standing in the corner with no one with whom to celebrate. I thought it safer to wait it out in the bathroom rather than run the risk of humiliation. Of course, as bad as I felt, things were never as bad as they seemed.

I cannot say that it was because of that experience alone that I was motivated to build a network of friends that would inspire me and pull me up. But it was a sobering experience nonetheless. The true catalyst that motivated me was business. As a self-employed business owner with no paycheck waiting for me every two weeks, I had no choice. I was scared to death I would not be able to pay my bills.

Everything changed with a single shift in my mindset. Overnight, I became intentional.

Up until that point my relationship style was to wait for others to approach me. Partly out of laziness and partly out of fear of rejection. As a result, my network was a haphazard collection of friends and acquaintances who, while nice people, did little to help me get to the next level. I was the best of the bunch and that wasn’t saying much.

As a result, my life was mundane and predictable. I never went anywhere special or did anything particularly fun. I certainly would not have sought me out to be part of a superstar network.

Once I became intentional things changed. And they changed rapidly. Momentum took over. Business took off. My social life blossomed. I went places and experienced things I used to only dream of. The more great people I met the more enriched my life became. Astonishingly, others even began asking me to be part of their networks. It was a total about face, all because I went from being unintentional to being intensely intentional.

If there was someone I admired and wanted to be friends with, I approached them without hesitation. It wasn’t always easy. On more than one occasion I was nervous, but because so many good things were happening I took my chances. And though not every relationship worked out as planned, I have had no regrets. I have taken great pride in building a network of great people who have helped me in so many ways.

Today, my networking philosophy is simple. When it comes to building a network, if I am at the top-tier of my group, my network needs A LOT of building. Just like the old real estate adage, “You never want to be the best house on the block.” If you are there is no where to go.

If you are intentional you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

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