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An Attitude of Gratitude Builds Brand Equity and Attracts Others

I was reading Eben Alexander’s Book, Proof of Heaven, a few years ago and what struck me most was his observation that, comparatively speaking, there is so much more good in the world than bad.

Every second of every day goodness is occurring in our lives and all over the world. From the simple like the beauty of the sound of birds chirping in the morning sunlight to the more magnificent of living in a free society with all the privileges that go along with it. Think about it. How great is it that you have electricity, a phone, a car, food and shelter? Do we take it for granted or do we give thanks?

Yes, bad-and even evil- do exist, but not nearly on the scale that goodness does. Because of the way we and society are wired, the negative tends to get more attention than it deserves.

Try this exercise. Close your eyes for five or so seconds and let your mind wander to the most relaxed part of your body.

If you are like most people your mind immediately went to the tensest part of your body. What if we could train our minds to see and feel all that is good first? What if we spent the next 30 days being ridiculously positive, filling our hearts, minds and souls with an abundance of gratitude.

I am not suggesting we ignore the bad, but let’s only give it the attention it deserves.

I think we would be amazed at how practicing an attitude of gratitude can impact our brands. The positive energy we send out ripples outward far beyond those who are in our immediate vicinity. Others will begin to share our names and positive energy with their friends. More and more people will want to be around us as well as invite us to join them at their networks.

Positive energy begets positive outcomes.

Here’s your challenge…

As you wake up in the morning, make your mind focus on three things you are looking forward to that day

Throughout the day look to celebrate at least one other person’s success. Try to acknowledge it publicly.

As you lay down to sleep in the evening recall five good things you experienced that day.

John Wooden, the famed UCLA basketball coach, said it best, “Make everyday a masterpiece.”

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