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Actions Have Consequences…Even for The Rich and Famous

If you have power, you may be able to intimidate others. If you have money you may be able to induce some. If you have fame you may be able to seduce the naive. But none of these attributes can make others like you. This power resides exclusively with each individual with who you come in contact.

In case you were in a cave this last football season you will recall, Colin Kaepernick, Quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers made the decision to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem which is played prior to the start of the football season. Colin who was born to a white mother and African American father was given up for and was adopted by white parents, knelt in protest of what he claims is systemic oppression of black people across America.

What’s so great about America is that Mr. Kaepernick has every right to lawfully protest anyway he’d like. Equally great is that the fans and citizens of America have and now apparently, the rest of the teams in the league who must decide if they want to sign Mr. Kaepernick as a free agent now that his contract with the 49ers has expired.

And apparently, there are not a lot of takers for Mr. Kaepernick’s services. In fact, there are none. And it does not look like there will be many takers in the future. One GM stated that 70 percent of the GM’s throughout the league “genuinely hate” Kaepernick.

Much to the chagrin of the Mr. Lee who excoriated anyone who had the audacity to disagree with Mr. Kaepernick’s choice of protest. http://www.bet.com/news/sports/2017/03/20/spike-lee-talks-about-colin-kaepernick.html

Let me help Mr. Lee understand what is going on. It is simple. Everything we do and/or say either adds to or subtracts from our personal brand credibility. Everything. All the ranting in the world is not going to make people like Mr. Kaepernick more. In fact, the protracted, shallow ranting of Mr. Lee is only likely to alienate more people.

Mr. Kaepernick made his bed and now he must lie in it.


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