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What is a personal brand?

Personal Branding is the Great Equalizer

No matter how much money, power or fame someone has, it does not mean he/she automatically has a great personal brand. It is our audience who makes this decision.

Personal Branding is Universal

Every one of us has a personal brand. It is either positive, negative or neutral. And everything we do either adds to or subtracts from our personal brand credibility.

Personal Branding is Essential in Today’s Marketplace

Having a strong personal brand is essential for three reasons: (1) We basically live in a commodity world where having a quality product or service is no longer a differentiator, (2) Service providers are selling something that is invisible. The problem is 80% of all buyers are visual; meaning they must SEE something that validates their decision before they will pull the trigger and (3) The explosion of information (aka noise) is deafening. Websites, brochures and mass email blasts often fail to achieve their desired outcomes.

If we have any hope of standing out in the marketplace and getting the attention of our desired audience, we had better have a personal brand that shines brightest.


The 10X Networking Group (10XNG) is a select program for Rainmakers earning more than $500,000 per year.

Participants must have strong personal brand credibility AND be willing to leverage that credibility to make introductions for other members of the network.


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If you don’t pick your own personal brand,
others will do it for you.

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