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“If you don’t pick your own personal brand, others will do it for you”

Personal branding is the new holy grail of marketing. Whereas superior skills, great resources and inside knowledge at one time gave us a competitive advantage, now these resources are merely prerequisites if we even hope to even compete in today’s competitive marketplace. Our personal brand – the word or phrase we want others to think of when they think of us – is all that is left to differentiate us from the rest of the pack.

The Personal Branding Group’s expertise lies in helping professionals stand out from the pack and position themselves as The Person to See™ with their target audiences. We offer a complement of services designed to help you create your unique personal brand and deliver on your brand promise.

Our programs range from individual coaching to customized in-house business development and sales training. Our promise is simple. If you are willing to do the work we can be that catalyst that will help you explode to the next level.

What is a personal brand?

A Company’s Brand Is Only As Good As It’s People

A Company’s Brand Is Only As Good As It’s People

Let’s start with the definition of a brand. One of the best definitions I have read was from fellow personal branding expert, Peter Montoya. As Peter describes it, a personal brand is…
Nobody Likes A Sore Loser

Nobody Likes A Sore Loser

I have been reading with (quite frankly) disgust the whining’s of former Speaker of the House John Boehner and former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Their sour grapes are nauseating.